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The classy and sophisticated


A Joli Experience

The ladies of Joli not only master the art of style, we also care about the integrity of your hair. We provide the Joli Experience...Designer Style, Custom Colors, Trendy Cuts, and all around Fabulousness!

Make your appointment today and enjoy being pampered by the masters in hair. 


“A gift isn't a gift if you don't use it .”

Angel Fant

Heavenly Touched 

“Being bold and comfortable with who you are, love yourself.”

Tamika Q

Hair Slayer

“Get snatched in the best way, by Shawnie.”

Shawnie S

Snatched by Shawnie 

“Who said natural wasn't sexy?”

Twyla G

Flat Iron Queen

“The health of your hair determines the feel of your mood.”

Lauren Jay

The Hair Doctor 

“Some of the best things in life are mistakes.”

Brittney U

“We ca manifest what we speak! So always becareful what you say.”

LaTrieta Myers

Blessed Beyond Beauty